Bacon is Delicious

"Shoutout to all the S.D.A. girls and boys who had sex before marriage but still can't eat pork because it's a sin!!!"

*cue Adventist outrage*

I grew up in a church that observes the Sabbath, doesn’t eat pork, and told me wearing jewelry was a sin. While I still do keep the Sabbath- although not necessarily traditionally- my ears are pierced, and I’ve had my fair share of bacon on breakfast sandwiches…sorry Dad.

A few days ago, I saw this posted on Facebook and it literally made me laugh out loud.

“Shoutout to all the S.D.A. girls and boys who had sex before marriage but still can’t eat pork because it’s a sin!!!”

Because I like to occasionally start trouble, I shared it on my Facebook page. The responses were priceless- everything from “don’t judge” to “welp”. The post stuck with me because it highlights something quite common in Christianity. Messed up priorities.

Sex before marriage? No big deal but God forbid I eat a piece of bacon. Sounds silly. And something is seriously wrong if people are more concerned about eating a slice of pepperoni pizza than the choices that can have a long term effect on their emotional wellbeing.

So all jewelry is unacceptable but a diamond encrusted engagement watch (yes, engagement watches are a real thing and I’ve seen some pretty elaborate ones) is okay? If modesty is the principle, why is your gold brooch the size of a fidget spinner?

For the record, nothing is wrong with with any of those things but be consistent. Don’t complain about my 5mm studs when your church hat is blocking my view of the pulpit while your husband distracts me with his lavender suit.

Mixed messages and misplaced focus are prevalent in Christianity and even often in our society at large. People love to complain about what others are (or aren’t) wearing but are quick to ignore the church’s gossip problem. Lots of talk about abortion these days but silence on comprehensive sex education. Oh, too far? My bad.

No shame or judgement here. I catch myself doing it too. Just do better.

We have got to stop worrying and making people feel bad about petty stuff. All caught up with the little things and ignoring weightier matters like justice, mercy, and faithfulness.

And yes, being consistent is a lot easier said than done but at least acknowledge that you pick and choose. That’s the first step.

Accept that some things have no spiritual or moral significance (I know that’s a tough one- especially for the saints). Challenge yourself not to get hung up on trivial matters. And please stop spending so much time on appearances (yours and others) so that you can ignore the mess in your own life.

Don’t be afraid to recognize and call out your own hypocrisy. Laugh at yourself if necessary and then, do better. Also, eat some bacon*. Bacon is delicious.

*Can be substituted with turkey bacon, beef bacon, or Stripples




18 comments on “Bacon is Delicious

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  4. Thank you for highlighting our continued struggle at obedience to all of God’s Word. Faith without works is dead and we are set here to help each other along the way plucking each other like a brand from the fire. After all, God’s Word is for many reasons, including for reproof, etc. so the child of God lacks nothing.
    Without leaving out Loving the Lord your God with all you are… and your neighbor as yourself… I would say that this article is almost counter-productive (eat bacon? I understand suggesting the substitute, but there’s still factual what type of bacon is referenced here). No one should be watching another to point out sin. However, sin is present and often visible. That’s why we are here, born in sin and shaped in iniquity. As a result, God asks us to help each other in love along the journey back to holiness (in love is the challenge). If your brother is taken in sin, restore that one in love. We are set as watchmen in the “city.” (Jerusalem is beyond earth.) The seriousness of rules is not hard and fast, take or leave what’s not palatable to us. God gave the rules, we are to apply the obedience. After all, it is because of disobedience why we now struggle with sin.
    I don’t believe any of us has a ground to stand on where sinning is concerned. However, God has given us His Word. Should any of it be ignored while we consider the weightier matters of the Law? Loving the Lord with our all automatically dictates that’s a no. The text finishes with “You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former.” Granted, I accept that you have said so in a roundabout way in your blog. Yes, we do tend to pick a speck when there’s a beam. This is Pharisaic. We must do better. However, we mustn’t suggest even in jest (be careful how you jest the Word guides us in caution) …that someone ignores the reason why *God asks us to be Kosher (clean). What being does Kosher has to do with holiness from God’s perspective? We cannot be blind guides in any of it. We recognize that there is a struggle at swallowing camels and puking at a gnat, but I hope we have grown as a faith since those days and as He grows us daily we will pour our loving obedience at His feet because loving obedience matters to Him.


  5. Also bacon is forbidden. Let’s not promote it as though it is not. Even if there are other sins to worry about, All sins are equal.


  6. Although I understand amd agree with the direction of this rhetoric, I just hope people don’t keave thinking those practices are acceptable to God. Every time I hear or read about this topic, the author or speaker tends to influence people to ignore a spiritual conviction they once had. Not because of what was said necessarily, but because of what was intentionally NOT said. There is another side to this truth. Leaving it like this can create more damage if not completed.


    • Maybeline Thompson

      You are missing the point of this blog post completely while simultaneously providing a perfect example of what the author is getting at. We often get so caught up in appearances, protocols, and practices that we completely ignore the deeper issues such as emotional health and wholeness. What is the use of following proper dress code if inside one does not know who they really are or why these rules are to be followed? The Christian life is about having a relationship with God that leads us to walk in holiness so nothing can come between that relationship. As we get closer to God we adapt His ways and grow in maturity. This ability to walk uprightly is not based upon our own will and strength but rather the power of God within us, His strength not ours. It is not about following rules because then our salvation would be based upon works not faith. That way He gets all the glory. How about we focus on His glory and His goodness rather than being consumed by trivial details such as what we wear or eat? He’s another thought, let’s also stop judging- plucking specks and simply focus on our own logs.


  7. Love this! thank you!

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  8. Thank you! This article was a great read!

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  9. Love, Love, Love this article! Truer words might never have been written ( at least for those living in a SDA home)

    P.S. For the record, I accidentally had a sliver of bacon once ( wink, wink )

    My lunchtime hymn of praise begins with, reunited cause it taste so good!

    Keep up the creative writing.

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  10. I totally agree. A local SDA church had a new excited convert. She was a hairdresser. The head elder preached a sermon on the sin of women coloring their hair. Guess what happened to the newly converted hairdresser.

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  11. Perfect!!!

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  12. Thank you!!!

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  13. Love ❤️ It!!!

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  14. I love this!

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