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From the Mixed-Up Files…

Welcome to the mixed-up files of my journey!

It’s been exactly one year since I graduated from grad school. A full 365 days but it still seems like I walked across that stage yesterday. I’ve spent the past year detoxing from seven straight years of higher education which means I’ve done absolutely nothing. Actually, that’s not true.

I went on a cruise, spent a week in Vegas, explored one of my ancestral homes, watched more tv than I probably should have, and learned to ball on a budget.

I completed two internships, started my first full-time salaried job, ended my life as a nomad, and settled into a place to call my own.

Once I settled into my new life, naturally I began to wonder what was next. At first I didn’t have the answer and that was scary. One day as I was unpacking some things, I rediscovered a book I had and it got me thinking again…

When I left my second internship last October, my boss gave me a book called, “Where Will You Be Five Years From Today?” (I’d recommend this book to anyone trying to figure out their next move in life) It helped me prioritize and focus my goals. Long story short, this blog is the first step in achieving them.

From the Mixed-Up Files of a PK will follow my journey of chasing the link between art, architecture, and church. I’m a PK (pastor’s kid), I have a BA in Art History, and I’m an interior designer. Naturally, I filter life through the lenses of art, architecture, & church. What do those things have in common? A lot more than you’d think.

Art is the visual documentation of human life and expression. Architecture teaches us about our past, our present, and helps to shape our future. It also tells us what we value as a society. Spirituality and religion help us make sense of where we’ve come from, why we’re here, and where we’re going.

So is this an art and architecture blog? No, but I will talk about how they impact us daily.

Is this a religious blog? Nope, but I will talk about Christianity and the current state of the church…If you’re a super saint, this might not be the place for you.

I’m also a news junkie so this blog will touch on politics too. However, I am not a political analyst so no, this won’t be the place to get all the latest political commentary.

What will you find here? Good stories, church jokes, everyday experiences, life lessons, and stinging critique of who we are as a society and where we’re going. I know I’m learning and hopefully you’ll learn something here too.

Welcome to the Mixed-Up Files of a PK.

1 comment on “From the Mixed-Up Files…

  1. Yay so excited to read more!


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